Saturday, October 20, 2007

Where do we go?

You know, I noticed the only places to hang out for kids are the movies. I really don't know where else to go. I wish that there was a really cool place for people to go. Instead of building a Casino. I am sometimes mad I don't have a choice. There could be something fun for all ages that would attract tourists and be really fun for locals. Like a mini theme park.For example an arcade or a mini golf course. I'm sure many people would enjoy it. Saipan definitely needs something like that.


Deece said...

Great idea, Hope!

Have you been to Whimsy in the Fiesta Resort and, I think, in Grand Hotel too? I've never been so I don't know if it's any good or what the hours are, but that might be a nice change.

Hope said...

Yes, I have. I enjoy the DDR. (Dance Dance Revolution) It's so fun! You should try it. I think it opens at 11:00 on Sunday but I don't know about the rest of the week.