Monday, October 8, 2007

Mount carmel school cultural day

Our cultural day was pretty fun. Our program was interesting, funny, and nice. First graders presented Korea, second graders with Saudi Arabia, third-India, fourth- Spain, fifth-fashion shown of different cultures, sixth-Phillipines, seventh (me) CNMI, eighth- Mexico, freshmen-China, Sophmores- United States of America, Juniors- Germany, Seniors- Japan. The performances were all great! I had so much fun. After was potluck. We ate all different kinds of food brought in by the students. We were SOOO full. Then we had classes starting from first to fourth. This will be a memorable cultural day.


Galvin Deleon Guerrero said...

I was also SO FULL!!!! I went to every single class and ate a little bit at each class. (The life of a principal is so hard.)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Mr. G