Friday, October 19, 2007

Mount Carmel School Theatre club is going to present Tim Burtons "The Nightmare Before Christmas." I am production assistant and assistant choreographer for the play. I have recently been going to rehearsals and sometimes I even get to direct. This play will be great. I think it will in a few months.


Aimee said...

hey im a senior high school student who is hoping to run the next school musical at my school. I'd love to do Nightmare Before Xmas but i cant find out who owns the copyright. Any chance you could enlighten me?
Not sure if your production has run yet - if not Goodluck! if so - how did it go??

Hope said...

It went very well. It was a very fun play to do. Can you give me your email, the producer can tell you a lot of things about it i'm not really the best one to tell you.

Hope said...

You can also check out if you would like to see pictures.

Emerald said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...

hi there!!!!
i would also love to know who owns the copyright for nightmare before christmas...
if you could e-mail it to:
thanks so much!!! well done in performing the play! it must have been hard to do!
regards, jade