Friday, December 14, 2007

I wish I would have taken pictures of these, but I didn't have the camera :(.
Koshiji Jr. High school students from Japan came to my school for a cultural exchange. My partners name was Miho Yamamato. She was really nice. It was so fun! We had field activities and an exchange of gifts. It was hard and kind of fun trying to talk to them. ( They didn't understand english.) They always had a what the heck is she saying? look on their faces. This was the first cultural exchange i've had since second grade! It's a great experience.
The MCS (Mount Carmel School) christmas program was fun! 1st to 12th grade had awesome preformances. My class, ( 7th grade) dance to jingle bell rock and sung a chamorro christmas song. I'm so glad that the program was at night, it wasn't THAT hot.