Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Next month my dad is leaving to Iraq. I feel scared, sad, and angry. I keep thinking of what it will be like to have him...gone. I still am trying to believe that what he told me is true, if it is really happening. I remember him telling me months ago that it's a possibility. Now its all happening so fast. I never thought that I would have to worry about it until now. These are the two questions always going through my mind. Why him? Why now? I feel shocked and its not fair for this to be a surprise attack on all of us. I'm really going to miss my dad and so is everyone else. It will be so hard. I feel bad for him because he was really drained and sad and frustrated. He had to tell his whole family in one day. I can imagine talking on the phone with him and him being so tired. I know that there will be e-mails, and letters, and packages from him. It will still not be the same. For Christmas my wish is that he doesn't have to leave. At least he will be here for Christmas. The one thing I can't imagine is him missing birthday parties, Christmas, Easter, and all the other great things we do together as a family.



Aww, it will be okay Hope. I'll pray for you dad and also the other troops that are in Iraq.

Don't think negative. Enjoy the rest of the time you have with him.

It was really great seeing you today :]. Take care!

Love you Hope,