Saturday, November 15, 2008

happpy birthday wade !

Yesterday was my baby step-bros birthday. We ate cake, played Rock Band, and had a lot of fun. He turned four years old. Rock band is like one of the most funnest games ever, haha. You can play drums, guitar, or even sing. It is awesome even though i sang really bad!!!! I'm not the only one though. lol. Motly because there was all rock songs. Then Auntie Hee Jae came and visted. That night was really fun. The cake and ice cream was reallyyy great. Thanks mom and Wayne (: Thumbs up ! Im at my grandpas house right now. A party for my grandmas grasduation. Congrats Grandma Glenn.


Anonymous said...

hi hopey!!!---looks like you guys had a great time!!--wish we were there....we'll be back next year june...and this time---it's gonna be a vacation...yaiyyy!!!

miss n luv u all...

auntie min

ps--kiss n hug all your siblings--plus mamas n wenko k....a mushy muahhh!!

Road-Block Blogger said...

Aw, that's sweet hope, thank you... Yup, I have to agree it was a fun weekend.