Saturday, August 9, 2008

A day spent with my mommy :)

i spent the day with my mom yesterday and it was awesome. first we went school shopping for all the things I needed. thank you mom! then we went to the bookstore, I got a J-14 magazine and my mom got a cool book called twilight. we went to each sushi for lunch (spicy tuna mmmm) and I read my magazine and she read her book. after that we had ice cream sundaes at bobby cadillacs. those were sooo yummy :D! I had such a fun time and i'm so glad that we did it. i love you mom.


Boni said...

I love you more Lei:) More than you can ever imagine.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Sorry Hope, just reading now your blog and catching up quick. I got you on my blog roll list, so you must keep posting. My comment on this subject.. anytime spent with mommy is priceless, do more, and if you want to plan something for her and need cash, see me. LOL.