Saturday, November 3, 2007

Once upon a time a girl named Hope was strolling around dollar days looking for party stuff for her godsisters birthday. She looked at an aquarium that read " Fish for sale. 1$ each." She decided it would be cool to buy one and see what it would be like. She bought it some food and brang it to her aunties house. She ate, watched some tv, and left her aunties house forgetting about the fish. She called her aunties house and asked to bring it to the BBQ they were having at grandmas house. She waited, used the computer,thought about the name, then her auntie and uncle came. She found out that her fish died because the water it was in spilled:(... Anyways, her uncle would have forgot it anyway.)

HAHA. What a funny TRUE story. It was my fault for forgetting the fish so it's ok for killing it auntie Yvette. :)... Although i'm still sad about its death:(